VOIP Telephone Systems

Specifically for
your Business.

Why Choose Us?

VOIP is a term that has been thrown around for years that can be confusing to people. Standing for Voice Over Internet Protocol – it essentially means that landline phones are managed by a computer system, almost all new phone systems are utilising this now.

This means that your IT supplier is more qualified than anyone to manage and support your phone system along with phone numbers, lines and deskphones.


We can supply and manage a single phone number/phone line in a fully scalable solution up to hundreds of numbers and extensions. With call forwarding, conference calling, call recording, customisable voicemail and a Smart Phone Application for you to take and receive calls on the go – our phone system can be tailored to grow with your business.

Call forwarding and call diversion, redirecting telephone calls to another line or mobile phone

We stock a wide selection of VOIP phones, deskphones and wireless handsets

A Softphone App that works with most mobile phones, perfect for making/receiving calls from your landline number on the go

A VOIP System feature that forwards voicemail messages as audio files straight to your e-mail inbox

Customisable call recording, providing archives of all inbound and outbound calls

Our system supports forwarding all calls to another number automatically in the event of a failure